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Don’t separate another tonal image file without this amazing software!

Separation Studio Software is the latest release of Spot Process - the solution by Freehand Graphics that pioneered automated, (tonal) image color separating. Since 1995, the industry has been astonished at the high-quality, speed, ease-of-use, and shop standards this powerful software delivers to an industry craving a reliable and affordable solution to one of the industries toughest and important tasks. In 2013, you have it all with SPSS!

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A FREE opportunity to earn profits and clients while you learn about this great software! Go to press with your separations. Spot Process Separation Studio’s fully-functional and FREE software trial is ready for download (Mac and Windows).

You’ll immediately see its value and enjoy the benefits of separating tonal images into screen- print ready Channels and even make a profit during the two week trial period.

It’s just too easy and too amazing to ignore.

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Color Separating a TONAL image for screen-printing demands color accuracy, a high-qualty under-base, highlight top white, and black channel optons. With SPSS users get ALL the color accuracy and abilities of an industry favorite and standard, PLUS advanced editing tools for easy, targeted color control, an engine power boost for faster processing and screen redraw speeds, an enhanced User Interface for a much better workflow, and many other valuable NEW tools and features.


If you can create it, you can separate it with SPSS. Don’t miss out on a software that makes the most of your creative art files without compromise and without the struggle.

The features of Spot Process Separation Studio have the ultimate goal of delivering great results on-press. Even the BEST User Interface is just not enough. What happens on-press is the true test of a great solution and SPSS software has/does it all! And, there are billions of brilliant garments to attest to the quality of a SPSS job!


  • Standard press colors reduces ink stock
  • Dependable print order
  • Press position control
  • Same mesh count for every screen
  • One-flash underbase - speeds production
  • Wet-on-wet printing expands color gamut
  • Multi-purpose inks - no costly specialty inks
  • Dot gain stability for long print runs
  • Consistent prints from first to last garment
  • No more wiping down screens


There is no other company in this industry that has the products, information, know-how and screen- print experience that Freehand Graphics, Inc. does. Celebrating 30 years strong - dedicated to the screen-print industry.


Learn More About Separation Studio......

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The Spot Process Separation Studio User Interface was engineered to make the user’s experience easy yet powerful. From individual color channels to great editing tools the user of SPSS is in total control of the file results on-screen and on-press!

Pre-DOWNLOAD check list. Get it done right.

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